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Please expect up to 8 weeks for processing, due to current large volume of orders. Non-welded small toys usually ship within a few days.

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Unique BIRD-SAFE STAINLESS STEEL PARROT TOYS for all parrot species.

Avian Stainless designs toys for a wide range of companion parrots: from canaries, finches, budgies, cockatiels and parrotlets, up to the largest cockatoos and macaws.  There’s an Avian Stainless toy to fit the attitude of any parrot!


  • Avian Stainless has a few totally welded toys for the smallest of parrots
  • We hand-make JUMBO sized bells, both round and unique square bells, for large parrots
  • Every stainless steel part is HAND POLISHED
  • Our thickest heavy-duty connecting rings are custom-made for the largest parrot species
  • Special/Custom orders are accepted if we have the required parts or can make the parts

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