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Canada’s only manufacturer of stainless steel parrot toys.

From simple fun to noisy toys, to foraging toys and foot toys, Avian Stainless has something fun for every bird! Unique BIRD SAFE STAINLESS STEEL PARROT TOYS for all parrot species. We even have a few parrot toy designs for those who prefer a little less noise. Avian Stainless also proudly hand-crafts our own JUMBO SIZE, HYACINTH MACAW PROOF BELLS!

Our premium quality stainless steel parrot toys are categorized to make shopping a breeze. For faster browsing, click ‘On-Line Shop’ at top left of this page to view all of our toys!

Avian Stainless designs toys for a wide range of companion parrots: from canaries, finches, budgies, cockatiels and parrotlets, up to the largest cockatoos and macaws.  There’s an Avian Stainless toy to fit the attitude of any bird!

From our shop on the shores of the Pacific, we create high quality, hand-crafted stainless steel parrot toys. Visit us often; we add new products periodically.

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